Wednesday, 16 December 2015


From giving birth amid the Pain,
To holding us in her arms,
She goes through all the tests of life,
To bring us in this World.

From teaching us manners,
To how to be selflessly Loving,
She becomes our first ever role Model,
That forms our Character within.

From listening to our stories full of lies,
To create a magic of words every night,
She don't even care the time of night,
Just to wrap us in Blanket we kicked aside.

From scolding us to focus on studies,
To dancing when we got a prize,
She sacrifies her dreams to make us Worth in our lives,
It's only when you realize that, Go Hug your Mom tight.....

Love u Mom & a very Happy B'day ^_^
Spl. Post for a person who made me who am i today :)

Monday, 14 December 2015

Writing as a Relief....

I try to count the stars,
But they could never get me sleep,
As soon as i found writing as a relief.

Pouring the Pain & smile, so highly,
I don't need to shout and scream,
As soon as i found writing as a relief.

Language was invented to express,
See what i did by making it total mess,
I never trust who says'Writing is for intellect',
As soon as i found writing as a relief.

Life is an adventure, you need to take risk,
So, tighten the belt & get ready to flow against the stream,
Take out paper & pen,
Write the bombastic sentence,
Edit it several times, to get beauty out of your hands,
Never set aback,
Until you find writing as a relief.

So, write, share & express continuously.
Till then keep writing ^_^

Friday, 11 December 2015

Cannot do without...

Although, every single thing is important in our life as it supports us in every single way which ultimately take us forward in our lives but here are few things which i cannot do without :

- EXERCISE : It's absolutely vital part of my daily routine early in the morning, no matter at what time i wake up- i need exercise to calm, freshen up & keep me motivated throughout the day & if i miss it any day, i'll be in a bad mood with a dozing off feeling till the next day when i resume my routine.

-READING : This is like breathing for me - necessary for my existence. No matter how busy am in my work, i'll steal time (if it's secs, mins or hours) for it.
As Robin Sharma says ' To improve your life, you must improve your thinking' & thinking is directly proportional to BOOKS one read and cherish, importantly Good books.

-MUSIC : One of the best source of motivation + to uplift one's mood and i listen because it makes one memory sharp as well my favorite 'Never say Never' by Justin Bieber & 'Beautiful' by Eminem (Try these two u'll love it ).

-GRATITUDE : The best thing I like about it is it gives you a way to thank all your blessings & advantages that Millions lack. Importantly, for this life to do something 'Extraordinary' in one's field.

So, these are few things i cannot do without - Comment yours & don't forget to give it a big thumbs up.. Till then..

Monday, 7 December 2015


What a delicious beginning and since it's Monday, a little insight into psyche of a cook. Cooking is one of the best stress buster which is anytime available just an inch away in Our home, in the form of KITCHEN. To be honest am not a 'Cooking' Lover but love to cook when lack ideas for writing and motivation & even when am hell ANGRY with few people.

The best part of cooking is the tools especially the KNIFE (hahhahah... No escape..) I actually try to personify the vegetables as my foes to which i kindly & pleasingly CHOP (Sounds scary no...???) .
Just kidding...!!!! I cook with love even if am not in a great mood because the end product or the dish specially it's aroma cheers me up + the process gives an opportunity to think the ingredients and emotions i need to put in it. My mom always reminds me of cooking as 'An art of emotions & pure sense than mere filling up of bellies with the food'.

So, if u lack motivation today or anyother day.... Try this but with full love and you'll thank me thereafter.

#WriteDecember :)

Friday, 4 December 2015

Appreciate every good....

Little poem to let u know how much worth we all have in us....

So, go ahead & spread the word...  :)

Note : Since am trying to write everyday to make this month more beautiful, do join me on twitter with #WriteDecember :)

Sunday, 29 November 2015

A thousand miles.....

A thousand miles to go....
From blankness to Fullness,
To prove that 'Void' be still laughed at.

A thousand miles to go....
To prove 'Love' can't replace money,
And money can't get you 'Love'.

A thousand miles to go....
To walk in wilderness,
To shift the focus on 'Good', something 'Natural'.

A thousand miles to go....
Before the dusk,
That ultimately end the day of Our 'Lives'.

A thousand miles to go....
Before the sun will 'Set',
That will left us in 'Darkness'.

A thousand miles to go....
To be the person one always wanted to be,
To think out of the 'Box'.

A thousand miles to go....
To recognise myself as a 'Bard',
That will make my words 'Immortal'.

Shalz :)

Do share, like and comment what your thousand miles journey will be ..... :)

           *Thanks For Reading*

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Far From the crowd....

That one is Me, all lost in myself,

Thinking what it's to be far from the crowd,

To be just yourself,

I live to write, that's all i have,

Don't steal my words, just contemplate on them,

Maybe, You'll find a whole new self,

Don't crowd my ideas,

I want a focussed self,

Far from the crowd, you'll find the 'Self' you were 20 years back with a touch of Freshness, innocence and Smile :)

Stay Fresh & Young

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Can I confess...????? ^_^

Literally, I've a confession to make,
Why do Indian Parents have an authority to claim.

They conquer your soul till you're a teenager,
And realize their Mission when u want to choose from - 'Science, commerce & Arts stream',
They gave a sniff of disapproval, if a girl learn science & being a boy go for Arts,
The mother always wants girl to be a commerce delight & boy - a science Nerd atlast.

Dad as always open to your thoughts,
But remain quite when you really want to talk,
'No argument, my dear child' - Your mom is absolutely right on that side.

It's when your tears even can't bring back you your dreams,
You shatter them to pieces thinking 'how could I be so mean..??? ',
When u dreamed of being big & bright,
Hence, all the career suggestions lighten up your path,
Then, they again forget 'Kid really ever have a life'.

It's when they say 'Sky is the limit',
I wonder then why am compelled to chase the crowd,
When i want to be an entrepreneur,
Then why i should be an Engineer like that.

The torture doesn't end & the family is in havoc,
Uptil u chose the college of their choice , discarding the best.

Many fingers then point on u,
They say 'He must have scored less than Sharmaji's dude'.

Limit all crossed when the son had to leave the girl,
He loved once with all his heart.

His heart died at an age so small i.e 21 , when he's arranged like non living things done.
He thus, starts to compromise & hardly understand 'The vicious circle of do's & don'ts will never let him be at Rest'.

Hence, the son started to enlighten his Son 'What u should take as a stream to be like me - Middle & dumb'

Special Note : We all love u Indian parents but please don't let a child suffocate by burdening him with a weight of your expectations.

With Love
Your Child :)

Wednesday, 28 October 2015


Sounds familiar isn't it. A kind of natural phenomenon where the interior of earth materials (plates) collides in a way that shakes us & our proud made structures within a minute. We tend to tremble and remember God but why....????? Doesn't Earth have a right to breath fresh air after so long , talk to us and express (though it seems to us dangerous) of her long lost glory and how she's underestimated. Obviously, a yessss.... Almost every nation has a constitution that talks of rights.... Especially right to express...

I'm seriously proud of 'Earth', she let us know where we are heading, how it's necessary to tame our constructions (we're building as a memorial when we actually knows everything will be the same constituent of same soil it came from) and importantly to understand, it's high time we should re-view our pride & superiority. There's a saying in Hindi 'Har baap ka ek baap hota h' - exactly the same. Am really not criticizing the humans but i believe we really need to give little space & wisdom to ourselves so if ever a massive destruction occurs, we can handle it calmly instead of taming every part of nature to our comfort.

We need to understand 'Earth' is like a cute little baby of 2 who needs care, a sense of belonging and parents who can love her unconditionally. She's little naughty at times (I accept) but afterall we can adapt ourselves to the baby (Isn't it with our real family as well) instead of taming her freedom . See Earth is smiling on the very thought of it, it's time for us to tell we can care for her, we'll company her till you're mature enough to take decisions of your own and whether we exist a more hundred years or not she will still miss us as creatures unforgettable with moist eyes.

So shout out we all Love u 'Earth' and let her express.... :)

Friday, 23 October 2015

When Lizzie grabs a Burger ....

A hot summer noon and Lizzie was all restless for her food, regardless of her dieting schedule which she wish to end sooner- a system so demonic to her that restrain her mercilessly from her favorite food that gave her survival vala feelings.

Her slim , thin body with a structure of 36' 24' 36' like any other Earth girl who seemed to flaunt about her body. Lizzie too wants the same as she has gained considerably since few months but when she came to know there's  a scope of her being model, she decided to be part of Beauty contest 2015. Bs, from there she had a diet planner that plans all she eat to reform her eating habits along with her structure to win that contest.

Her present diet has less meat and more veggies against she used to have , so one day the diet planner called her to meet where he declared she needs more of sea food this time.
'Sea food, from where will i get sea food... Do i need to dive into the sea to find sea food... ????'
'No, Lizzie you can have that from your nearest store but it's important to burn your 500 calories sooner that add ugliness to your slim body' said the diet planner.

All worried Lizzie went to her house to rest her aching head and called Lanny her friend to find help but to her surprise she know nothing about sea food and no nothing from where to get it. Her heart broke she adjusted her gown and went up to her bed 3 storeys up and sleep.

All of a sudden at midnight , she woke up, her vision all hazy looked around when she finally saw some activity going on the ground level, she stood and went there.

She couldn't figure out the scenario much but what she could see is a monument - yeah, big enough had several layers with green substance and a brown inside that's just sticky enough to shoo her. She stood still for a second to see her tasty snack- flies all around the object which she grabbed in a go and finally decided to lick that monument which when melted in her tongue tastes like hell.... She loved the substance. She afterwards discovered it to be Burger that took her heart away. She forget all about her diet and contest and wake all night to complete that stuff which she think a new land discovered by a Lizzard & hope to be popular among her community for that.....

See... Hunger is something even Lizzie like people can't restrain from so next time you'll diet make sure you won't find an undiscovered food stuff ..... :P :P