Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Can I confess...????? ^_^

Literally, I've a confession to make,
Why do Indian Parents have an authority to claim.

They conquer your soul till you're a teenager,
And realize their Mission when u want to choose from - 'Science, commerce & Arts stream',
They gave a sniff of disapproval, if a girl learn science & being a boy go for Arts,
The mother always wants girl to be a commerce delight & boy - a science Nerd atlast.

Dad as always open to your thoughts,
But remain quite when you really want to talk,
'No argument, my dear child' - Your mom is absolutely right on that side.

It's when your tears even can't bring back you your dreams,
You shatter them to pieces thinking 'how could I be so mean..??? ',
When u dreamed of being big & bright,
Hence, all the career suggestions lighten up your path,
Then, they again forget 'Kid really ever have a life'.

It's when they say 'Sky is the limit',
I wonder then why am compelled to chase the crowd,
When i want to be an entrepreneur,
Then why i should be an Engineer like that.

The torture doesn't end & the family is in havoc,
Uptil u chose the college of their choice , discarding the best.

Many fingers then point on u,
They say 'He must have scored less than Sharmaji's dude'.

Limit all crossed when the son had to leave the girl,
He loved once with all his heart.

His heart died at an age so small i.e 21 , when he's arranged like non living things done.
He thus, starts to compromise & hardly understand 'The vicious circle of do's & don'ts will never let him be at Rest'.

Hence, the son started to enlighten his Son 'What u should take as a stream to be like me - Middle & dumb'

Special Note : We all love u Indian parents but please don't let a child suffocate by burdening him with a weight of your expectations.

With Love
Your Child :)


  1. Your posts reminds of so many friends who sacrificed their dreams over diktats of parents :(


    1. Ohh... Sad to know, wish all parents should read this and think that they can still change #Hope :)