Wednesday, 28 October 2015


Sounds familiar isn't it. A kind of natural phenomenon where the interior of earth materials (plates) collides in a way that shakes us & our proud made structures within a minute. We tend to tremble and remember God but why....????? Doesn't Earth have a right to breath fresh air after so long , talk to us and express (though it seems to us dangerous) of her long lost glory and how she's underestimated. Obviously, a yessss.... Almost every nation has a constitution that talks of rights.... Especially right to express...

I'm seriously proud of 'Earth', she let us know where we are heading, how it's necessary to tame our constructions (we're building as a memorial when we actually knows everything will be the same constituent of same soil it came from) and importantly to understand, it's high time we should re-view our pride & superiority. There's a saying in Hindi 'Har baap ka ek baap hota h' - exactly the same. Am really not criticizing the humans but i believe we really need to give little space & wisdom to ourselves so if ever a massive destruction occurs, we can handle it calmly instead of taming every part of nature to our comfort.

We need to understand 'Earth' is like a cute little baby of 2 who needs care, a sense of belonging and parents who can love her unconditionally. She's little naughty at times (I accept) but afterall we can adapt ourselves to the baby (Isn't it with our real family as well) instead of taming her freedom . See Earth is smiling on the very thought of it, it's time for us to tell we can care for her, we'll company her till you're mature enough to take decisions of your own and whether we exist a more hundred years or not she will still miss us as creatures unforgettable with moist eyes.

So shout out we all Love u 'Earth' and let her express.... :)

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