Friday, 23 October 2015

When Lizzie grabs a Burger ....

A hot summer noon and Lizzie was all restless for her food, regardless of her dieting schedule which she wish to end sooner- a system so demonic to her that restrain her mercilessly from her favorite food that gave her survival vala feelings.

Her slim , thin body with a structure of 36' 24' 36' like any other Earth girl who seemed to flaunt about her body. Lizzie too wants the same as she has gained considerably since few months but when she came to know there's  a scope of her being model, she decided to be part of Beauty contest 2015. Bs, from there she had a diet planner that plans all she eat to reform her eating habits along with her structure to win that contest.

Her present diet has less meat and more veggies against she used to have , so one day the diet planner called her to meet where he declared she needs more of sea food this time.
'Sea food, from where will i get sea food... Do i need to dive into the sea to find sea food... ????'
'No, Lizzie you can have that from your nearest store but it's important to burn your 500 calories sooner that add ugliness to your slim body' said the diet planner.

All worried Lizzie went to her house to rest her aching head and called Lanny her friend to find help but to her surprise she know nothing about sea food and no nothing from where to get it. Her heart broke she adjusted her gown and went up to her bed 3 storeys up and sleep.

All of a sudden at midnight , she woke up, her vision all hazy looked around when she finally saw some activity going on the ground level, she stood and went there.

She couldn't figure out the scenario much but what she could see is a monument - yeah, big enough had several layers with green substance and a brown inside that's just sticky enough to shoo her. She stood still for a second to see her tasty snack- flies all around the object which she grabbed in a go and finally decided to lick that monument which when melted in her tongue tastes like hell.... She loved the substance. She afterwards discovered it to be Burger that took her heart away. She forget all about her diet and contest and wake all night to complete that stuff which she think a new land discovered by a Lizzard & hope to be popular among her community for that.....

See... Hunger is something even Lizzie like people can't restrain from so next time you'll diet make sure you won't find an undiscovered food stuff ..... :P :P

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