Wednesday, 23 September 2015


 I took a road, all by myself,
I hardly gave an inch about it.

My parents told me to believe in myself,
and i keep on going just right.

The moment i entered my school,
I had many friends regardless of their sides.

I adore everyone as my brother or sister all alike,
We slowly started growing a bit.

We completed our schools with pride,
To venture further & to our respective aims in our lives.

But the blow that hit me hard first,
wasn't really to be away from their sights,
But to see everyone of us being inhumanly categorized,
To divide us not by our capabilities but with our castes,
That seemed to me unfair even so far.

I swallow the pain and still get on with it unbiased,
even though my dream college was just out of sight.

My parents backed me well, and instructed me to work hard again as well.

I did as told and burn the midnight oils, 
Still when it comes to my job- I was fired,
not because i performed worse,
but because i was a sinful 'Unreserved'.

I again suppress my anger towards the system,
that had blindfolded the entire nation,
to work harder, harder and even harder again this time.

Finally, when i got the job,
I was all in spirits and light,
but someone pinched me & asked ' Why don't you
work hard the last time....????'

The pain was all like a waterfall,
that forced it's passage through some words,
I tried hard to explain the reason behind that,
but unfortunately the person lost the temper and told me i talk all crap.

The blow hit me even harder when i realized,
even promotion chances are less on my side.
I felt like i was born in a wrong family,
because all seems to talk about being 'Reserved' and                                                       delight.

After yrs of work, when i finally retired,
My son in UK asked ' Why can't I come back home...???'
'It's difficult to stay here and regret for the potential                                                  unrealized'; My son,
Thus he asked 'Being 'Unreserved' is a sin or a crime...?????'  
I kept wondering whether to answer or let it go.....

Note : No personal offence on any one but just an opinion a person without reservation is going through. Do comment, like, share and be humble while you criticize.  

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