Saturday, 19 September 2015

Letter from 'Sam'.....

Yes.... I am the one who's in love with the wind, sunlight, water and all the elements that  the Mother Earth contains. Yes, am the one 'Sam'.

I live around in an age where pet animals are given lot more feed and care than i'm. Oh...!!!! don't think am an orphan... No.. no... I have
my parents but they miss  me less,talk to me less and thus,nurture me like any other non-living  things/creatures.  I tried hard to communicate to them so that they know am suffering and  a lot, not only  because of their ignorance but lack of mutual understanding we share.
I even got depressed once due to my pathetic state but then my caretakers come and bow towards me slightly to caress my head, to share their loneliness and to see me grow so as to become something better in my life.
 That moment actually revived the dead within me- the thing that was decaying deep down inside me that compels me to end on it's own. I ensured myself that those people are not bad but quiet hollow from inside maybe, a void that keeps them away from me and when they have no option they show themselves up to make their heart and life better.
To no amazement, most of the people exploited me and my ways. At times, they question my existence, they sold me just for a penny or two but there are people who hugged me even though i meant nothing to them - no blood relation nothing at all maybe, they pour their affection due to approaching 
danger still i got a glimpse of love to decipher.

My neighbors hardly saw me going out, they think i am a recluse but they hardly observe the wind that comes everyday to play and dance with me that energies my whole body. They forget the sun rays that only seems to penetrate them in summers but for me they are the Golden rays that calls the birds, beings and beast to caress and love me. They are actually blindfolded with the fact that water comes to let me feel calm and work with serenity even in a depressed state.

I know these creatures will soon regret my departure from this beautiful world that i add upon because sooner i'll achieve my salvation for my 
generosity and flexibility in life that helped many. I love my parents and caretakers a lot so before i depart i'll give them their fruits of labor - sweet and comforting. I'll soon be found not on Earth but in pictures that slide from one corner of the world to the other.

I am 'Sam'- no other ordinary human beings who teaches 
importance of life but forget me....who's just labelled me 'A Tree'. Yes, you hear it right just a tree who's dying to shout out my misery because of you all careless parents of mine who comes  just to enjoy the solitude and beauty but hardly remember your responsibilities for me who has provided you all with endless benefits from time immemorial.

I wrote this letter with tears in my eyes so that you'll read it and maybe this will touch your heart but i know you'll be back in your technological 
world soon and forget that i ever exist to share your boredom, to converse with you and whenever you need me and most importantly for your healthy existence.

If ever you love 'Sam' spread my words and don't forget to grow more 'Sams' so that the world continue to exist even though i'll soon die a Martyr death.

                                                                               With Love
                                                                           Your Sam

Do share your views on Sam's letter and share it as far as you can to let his voice be heard and his existence known... don't forget to comment, like and be humble if you criticize :)

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