Monday, 31 August 2015

It has to die and so it does....

She sat in the Starbucks cafe, sipping her coffee and staring out of the window.
The blood stained knife lay next to her handbag ,covered with her blue silk scarf.
She was least scared to let that die. She has deliberately left it to starve and
eventually end up, as it was her only wish that she need to fulfill. After paying for
the coffee, she left for her casual daily routine. She teaches in an NGO every Friday
and her best time was when she spend it with those kids who had none to call their own.
 During her story telling session she got a message on her cell that she has been selected
for the best counselor from INDIA to represent in United Nations followed by a lecture
to enlighten.

She was no upper class girl when she met the fate or say her destiny that drastically
changed her entire life. Born in a lower middle class family she was 3rd in her family
of 7 members from Delhi. Her childhood was full of parental conflict, economic insecurity
 and in a kucchha house somewhere near Seemapuri. She was the 3rd girl in the family so
 every night she saw violence being bestowed on her mother by her drunk father and the perk
was given to her mother by her grandparents in the form of abusive language. Somehow, she
survived even out of pressure and cursed by elders to her mother- 'let the born child be dead
if ever it be a girl child'. Her stars favored her in that case. But her journey would be full of
thorns, since childhood she was not given the love and care she deserved, only her mother
adored her by  calling her 'Pari'. She never understood the significance of the
name but somehow accepted it.

'It pains she screamed and sobbed' conflicting mind was averting the act. She was unconscious
 for the time being before one of her friend woke her up to give her a glass of water that when
 reached her throat increased the friction within.
'It pains at first, don't worry you'll get used to it sooner' declared her friend. That moment
 she was in utter confusion is she the same friend who helped her, when she was first
caught in the web of prostitution. She made sure that it gonna help her family and specially
her mother as she wanted to take her mother out of that hell forever.

'Pari, where are you Pari... don't hide just drink this glass of milk beta' her mother politely
asking Pari to end hide and seek.
'No mamma find me out and i'll do as you say'. Following the voice she grabbed Pari's arm out
 of the table, she was hiding underneath. She remember the time when she was naughty enough
to let her mother ran after her everytime she feed her. Day was good enough for both her mother
and herself as Pari's father and grandfather went out for day's work while her grandmother
spend most of the time in temples praying for a son this time. But night always brought the same
horror everytime. After attaining the age of 6, she was admitted to a nearby govt. school as her
mother always wanted her to be educated enough to be self-dependent. She never wanted any of
her daughter in a pile of gutter as she was in.

'Ahhh.... ayeeee... oooo.... ahhhhhhhh....' she screamed and sobbed the next time again while having
an intercourse with a stranger who came to the brothel for fun. As soon as the man was over, he
kicked Pari brutally while leaving which further let her groan on her state. She gathered her strength
and took her clothes to cover her body that was now sore. She went to the bathroom and put her head
under the tap to let wash off the sins of the brutal man. She remembers the time when she was just
10 yrs old when she decided to ran away from her house in a tempo that finally landed her in a brothel.
She was even unaware of the place for a time being when she made a friend who told her the
danger of the temptation that the head of brothel was providing to Pari. But when at an age of 18 she
first encountered the dark side of the love that appeared to be bestowed upon her... she went
dumbstruck. She hardly remembered her parents or place from where she came from.

'Pari, tell me the alphabets' asked her school teacher.
' A for apple, B for Ball, C for Cat.....' she answered it very confidently as she was good in learning.
Her mother was happy with the pace at which she was learning, even her teacher told
her mother she'll be something great one day. At home Pari used to teach even her mother
the Hindi alphabets and few words to read from the textbook. Her mother was proud of her but
then one day her father all drunk beat her up while trying to save her mother out of that devil
clutches. That day she felt her mother was suffering all just because her father work and earn
for the family. She decided to earn that day but she was just 10 yrs old oblivious of the world and
it's system around.

She slapped herself till she was exhausted for not remembering anything regarding her family. Finally,
when she was done she went up to the head and declared she can't bear that anymore & she just wanted
to get out of it sooner.
'Is it that easy Pari...???' interjected the head 'What about the money which estimate around 2-3 lacs
i spend on your buying + your daily expenses on your food, clothes and your make up...?????'
'I'll pay every single penny but i can't bear that pain anymore... please.....' said Pari , her hands folded
in a request.
'Get out of here and back to your room, i've one more client for you tonight... get ready'. On her
resistance she was dragged by few girls probably senior to her in that business and beaten up till
she lost her consciousness.

She don't know the ways and means to earn as wherever she went she was laughed out for being a child
and too being a girl who had delicate hands for work. So, she walked her way and cried hard before she
could figure out she was in a strange place. She looked around and was frightened by the bark of a
street dog that probably wanted no stranger in his area. To save her life she went in a tempo parked
by the roadside and slept.

'That night she was almost done with it... she decided to ran off', she had no other way out of that hell.
She took a match stick lighted it up and burn the clothes in her cupboard along with her own saree she
 was wearing. Seeing the smoke everyone rushed to her room then she scared all to burn with the fire
on her saree so none barred her way and she just ran out in streets. Ran till she was sure she was not
being followed or out of that place and was no more near within kms of that place.

She woke up at midnight and screamed to find herself under the piles of hay when the driver came &
figured her out. He was drunk so knew nothing what was to be done to the girl so he sold her to a
brothel in Kolkata where he had to deliver the mangoes. He got a good price of around 2 lacs. But
Pari's fate was sealed. Meanwhile, her mother searched for her everywhere and ended up thinking she
died forever.

She reached a handpump to blew up the fire that had burned 30% her leg but she was happy to be out
of the hell. Her life took a U turn from that phase when she met a volunteer of an NGO that assisted
her further. Though she was in constant threat of the brothel members but this time her fate helped
her out and thus, she started her education, she went up for graduation she never ever thought she
would in her life and took more interest in psychology which she pursued for research purposes. She
understood clearly the circumstances prevailing when she went out with the mentality to work at an age
0f 10.

'And now let me present the talented Pari... give her a huge round of applaud' her name announced at
U.N list of best counselor around the world. She got up and walked confidently towards the stage.
'Good evening everyone, the journey from being in a slum to being here receiving an applaud from
around the world was not easy. My main motive is to help the children who divert from their ways due
to undue circumstances and to let every girl of INDIA to be educated enough to support herself in
every situation. I lost my mother but i found the real me and my motive that i would like to pursue till
my last breath. Thank You.' her speech was followed by a huge praise of her life and skills.

She remember the blue scarf that was epitome of her past she had murdered forever to move forward
in her life. Now she had a motive and a caring husband whom she met while attending her research
classes. She always wished no girl should suffer the pain she experienced in her 18. She understood the
meaning of 'Pari' i.e. an angel that brought happiness to the lives around her and she was clearly doing

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