Monday, 7 December 2015


What a delicious beginning and since it's Monday, a little insight into psyche of a cook. Cooking is one of the best stress buster which is anytime available just an inch away in Our home, in the form of KITCHEN. To be honest am not a 'Cooking' Lover but love to cook when lack ideas for writing and motivation & even when am hell ANGRY with few people.

The best part of cooking is the tools especially the KNIFE (hahhahah... No escape..) I actually try to personify the vegetables as my foes to which i kindly & pleasingly CHOP (Sounds scary no...???) .
Just kidding...!!!! I cook with love even if am not in a great mood because the end product or the dish specially it's aroma cheers me up + the process gives an opportunity to think the ingredients and emotions i need to put in it. My mom always reminds me of cooking as 'An art of emotions & pure sense than mere filling up of bellies with the food'.

So, if u lack motivation today or anyother day.... Try this but with full love and you'll thank me thereafter.

#WriteDecember :)


  1. Cooking for you is riding a bike for me.
    But I must learn to cook as well.
    Last time I tried, I had to put my Mom on a 30 minute call. It turned out far better than I expected, but then again only I can eat, no one else can. :P

    Sounds like everything you cook will turn out better, so you should probably invite us. #justSaying.

    Keep writing.
    Take Care (especially with the knife in hand). :D

  2. Hahahha.. Definitely one day when i'll master the Art of cooking... Thanks ak.. ! (Seriously not pointing the knife on you) :P

  3. Wokay I am scared of you now :D But really cooking for me is bittersweet sometimes I love it and most of the times I hate :D

    1. Hahah.. :D Richa, when u create the aura of positivity around a thing it becomes lovelier & easier... Try it to make it alwz sweeter :)