Friday, 11 December 2015

Cannot do without...

Although, every single thing is important in our life as it supports us in every single way which ultimately take us forward in our lives but here are few things which i cannot do without :

- EXERCISE : It's absolutely vital part of my daily routine early in the morning, no matter at what time i wake up- i need exercise to calm, freshen up & keep me motivated throughout the day & if i miss it any day, i'll be in a bad mood with a dozing off feeling till the next day when i resume my routine.

-READING : This is like breathing for me - necessary for my existence. No matter how busy am in my work, i'll steal time (if it's secs, mins or hours) for it.
As Robin Sharma says ' To improve your life, you must improve your thinking' & thinking is directly proportional to BOOKS one read and cherish, importantly Good books.

-MUSIC : One of the best source of motivation + to uplift one's mood and i listen because it makes one memory sharp as well my favorite 'Never say Never' by Justin Bieber & 'Beautiful' by Eminem (Try these two u'll love it ).

-GRATITUDE : The best thing I like about it is it gives you a way to thank all your blessings & advantages that Millions lack. Importantly, for this life to do something 'Extraordinary' in one's field.

So, these are few things i cannot do without - Comment yours & don't forget to give it a big thumbs up.. Till then..


  1. Wow shalini so healthy that you cannot do without exercise! Way to go girl :)

  2. Wish I had this amount of discipline with regards to working out. I exercise one day and then sleep in for rest of the week ;)

    1. Hahah... Aditi try some more days am sure u gonna do better than me ... Thanks ! :)