Sunday, 31 May 2015

Love Hurts....

                    Love Hurts.... Too much...!!!!!

'I was a distorted personality when i first met him' and was sure to fall in love with him soon after he asked me for a dance but happens exactly opposite - I throw a plate on his head, so frustrated, so uncomfortable & suffocated I felt at that party. The party was organized by one of my best friend, I told her i won't be able to attend but she insisted.
           'Hiiii, Shristi' My friend hugged me hard as she was happy to see me there. The party went usual until that young fellow saw me all alone on a side to approach for a dance. Ha..!!!! Dance & me.... And that tragedy happened. I thereafter apologized for giving him a wound scar on his forehead but he was calm and with a smile on his face ' It's all okay, Just hurt a bit .. I'll ensure the mood of the girl before asking'. I left the place and was happy with my teddy bear in my room along with a pen & paper to repent for my bad temper. I forget everything within a week and everything was usual.... Fight between my mom and dad, shrieking voices that won't let me rest a moment that led to a psychological problem am facing is due to their gift they gave me everyday in this form. I don't understand why people actually got married.... Though I managed to pen it down and study further so that I'll be able to escape this hell situation forever. I scored well and was able to pursue my dream course well . Again suggested: What to do or what not to do.. ???? Though i did what i always wanted to.
             On the very first day i got to know the meaning of the word 'ragging' as few notorious tried it on me, I was just about to leave the situation when i saw him again in front of me..
'Hiiii, how are u..???? Manav this side remember.... That party...that scar...'
'Oh...ya... Hiii... Shristi ,am fine. Hope you're good and your scar too' i tried to mock him in a way to avoid. We just left for our respective classes thereafter. Days and weeks passed we don't see each other or our ways never collide anymore yet again ...... Oh!!!! No...
             I recently got enrolled myself to volleyball classes so that i can distract myself from familial issues and tensions . I never know .... I swear... I just try to defend the ball coming from the other side of the net and it travels a long way and landed on his head and he just fainted. I never know he was just going to his class and i hit him once more , though unknowingly..... If i continue like this i'll break his skull for sure : my mind murmured to myself in disgust. The moment he gained consciousness he saw and just laughed out: 'Your shots never miss a goal... Well done again' he tried to make me laugh as i was in such a tensed state among the group but i was embarrassed.
'I am sorry again. I don't mean to hurt you I swear' I pleaded for his forgiveness or verdict on the thing i did.
'On one condition ... Let's meet for a coffee'
'I am busy these days actually sports trials, studies & all ... I fear.... ' I just made an excuse to avoid him.
'Okays then during break in the canteen... Meet you tomorrow'. He waved his hand and i was furious enough to actually break his skull but somehow managed to control my temper.
          We met as planned. I was late, though but he welcomed me with a broad smile. I promised myself to be calm and calm as far as possible. He started the conversation and i , like a passive listener listens & laughed to his sense of humor. I finally bid him bye for my next class. That day i was calm and happy not because of his humor but thinking i hurt him twice and he so calm and cheerful to ask me for a coffee. A strange Guy for sure.
           The day of my sports trial and here i saw him cheering me for the same, i managed to get through it. It feels splendid and i thanked him with a coffee in return. And thus, it all started- Arrh.... Our coffee Addiction.... and then we started meeting up , he even company me through my state level matches where i lost and had to satisfy with a bronze. I was broken yet frustrated but as usual he calmed me down. I was happy as he understands me more than anyone else but problem begins when this liking shifts to Love.
         I was oblivious he had a girlfriend which upset me even more but gradually i accepted it and move on... With my sports and classes, now we meet less as he was busy in his dance competition with his girlfriend. We talk less until one day approached me for a favor to be his dance patner as his gf was suffering from chicken pox.
          'Oh.. No..' I said i was perplexed as this was the weakest point i ever had.
'I know you can do this... Please'
'Okay'... We started the dance practice it was contemporary one with fusion of ballad in it. With high heels on, i make a move towards him... And shitttt i actually pierced his toes with my 6 inc heel and he yelled for help. I tried to help him but he dismissed me with a rebuke. I wept hard still murmuring,' I told him even though he took a risk'.
          He called me to say 'Sorry' but i was sure i'll never be around him but he insisted and thus we started the practice again. Our moves matched this time and chemistry too. When love rules our soul then body functions accordingly , we won the contest. As soon as the competition was over i parted my way as i don't want to hurt myself.
         Life went as usual uptil 14th February - Valentine's Day , the day i hated the most and i saw him with bouquet of rose in front of me which he brought to propose me. I was shocked yet confused ,'You had a gf..  What's this..???'
'No, one is supposed to be my gf after accepting it ... Yes i had one but she left me as she loved someone else and was with me out of my humble nature'
'So sad but give yourself some time to rethink as relationships do fail and will fail for sure' I admitted.
         'Oh..  No... Is this 'Love' how much i hated it' stated Manav.
         'Sorry, honey i was on a call .... Love you as alwz' answered Shristi who recently spoiled Manav's office shirt with coffee. Yes..  They tied together as cute married couple right after both realized their souls unite and capable of eternal 'LOVE' but that love hurts Manav the most ..... :D :D

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