Sunday, 4 January 2015


Panipuri the word that brings water to our mouth as soon as we hear about it. Think of two persons who are in love just because of this.... weird no...???? Well as far as it's history is concerned it was originated in Magadha region of India presently called as South Bihar they name it as "Phulka" but
in North India it's called Gol Gappa or Watery Bread in English.
                           The day he saw her on pani puri stall he fell in live with her. The way she was putting the whole lot in her mouth , her cheeks seemed to fill with air , her earrings rectangular in shape absolutely dangling as if to say "Hiiii" to the boy named "Raj" . Suddenly she coughed as it was extremely spicy , she was searching for her handkerchief . He just passed through her way and stooped to pick that up for her which was his own. He actually handed his own handkerchief to her and in return "Naina" said "Thank You so much". The beautiful voice pierced his heart and gave him a  wake up call that yes...!!!! she's the girl he always dreamed of. Raj was about to depart when she called him and apologized that it was not her handkerchief ," Actually I forgot to have one". She extended her hand to introduce herself ,"Hey I am Naina".
 "Hi i'm Raj" ( nam to sunna he hoga) he giggled inside his head. There after both went their own ways. Lives went on as usual for both , Raj was in Love with Naina but he thought first sight love is
something stupid though.
                                      "OMG...!!!! Is it Ravinder Singh's I too had a love story" inquired Naina to the reading guy just sitting in front of her as she was big fan of love stories.
                                         "Yes it is. Thinking what amazing is in these kind of novels"
                                         "Hey Naina right..???"
                                         "ya... you must be R.... Ra... Raj"  Raj joins so as to remind her of his identity. What a coincidence both boarding to Jaipur for a Literature Festival and absolutely oblivious what came out of it altogether. And it all started.... comm'n the series of conversations.... Love takes time and great efforts. Meanwhile train stopped for 15 mins at a station for passengers to have something.
                                                       "wanna have something...????" asked Raj
 "No not really I want that book" smiles Naina.
 Raj went out to have something and Naina reading the copy of Love Story. Finally both reached their destination and goodbyes each other in a hope to see again. Jaipur Literature festival.... a huge opportunity for both budding and professional writers to share one roof to discuss on the writings that are thrilling, romantic or other genres. Finally it happened that wasn't expected the topic of discussion was "Love Story Vs Mystery Novels" if you ask me it's hard to pick a one because I love both genres. So it's Naina's turn first to speak out her views.
                                                      "A very warm welcome to one and all present it's my privilege to present my view point here in front of you all. According to me both genres are absolutely brilliant within their spheres but I think that Love Stories are far better than mystery novels as in this Era of world wars, civil wars and intercaste/class restrictions on marriage and pressure that our youth face today these are a refuge , a confidence to step up for their Love as human beings not just because of various tags that are hanged around their necks...." She was just about to continue when Raj stood up for his objection statement as his typical mysterious mind was at work.
                                                    " Excuse me Ms. Naina don't you think that these Love Stories misguide our youth rather than doing some good. They started accepting the Fantasy as something real and he/she to be respective hero/heroin . At times they realized this when it's too late to undo anything...????"
                                                     "Well Mr. it solely depends on person's or couple's understanding that make them regret or to be thankful for that love" answered Naina.

                                                      " I object though .... To Love someone blindly and leave it on understanding is somewhat weird. What if both don't confirm to the needs there after...????"
                                                      "Well ... No then it's not love just an infatuation that lasts as far as it could"  proudly replied Naina.

                                                      " Ms, Naina do you think every love story has an happy ending. Have you never heard of brutal and heartbreaking endings..????" There was a sudden applause for Raj's practical statement to her but Naina was furious and diverted her attention towards the general public and concluded her view as " Love doesn't required a best endings everytime as Love is Love that's it . Those who never think it that way still ponder over silly queries".
phewww.... finally a war between Raj and Naina. Though Raj liked her doesn't mean he will compromise with his curiosity . After the session everyone went to the dinning hall. They both were avoiding each other but clashed just on Pani Puri stall again and too at the same moment asking for it.

                                                       " Me first I asked it first. Bhaiya mujhe pls"
                                                       " Hello.... don't be a kid. Grow up. Bhaiya me first I have to depart early" said Raj and took the served pani puri in his hand just then Naina was about to grab it.
                                                         " Don't think it's a discussion where you can insult me again. shut up.... have your pani puri am leaving disgusting creatures". Naina withdrew from conversation and pani puri simultaneously.

                             While she was sitting down the park's bench outside the dining hall, Raj came up with full delicious pani puri plate and put it in front of her, bent on his one knee with bowed head replied," For you madam, please".
                                   " What why.... and why you're bowed head in this bizarre way...????"
                                     " To apologize"
                                     " I didn't get you" said Naina. All of a sudden Raj showed up his face and sat next to Naina ," I am extremely sorry Naina, I don't mean to hurt you in any way".
                                       " I really don't wanna see, hear or listen to you get lost...right now"   Naina stood up to depart when Raj held her hand- so delicate and beautiful to hold he thought.
                                          " Atleast give me a chance to explain that sort of behavior . Then it's your choice either forgive me or be rude as ever" asked Raj piteously. She seated herself again to let him explain his thoughts or maybe she's in love with him ... who knows....

He continued," I am sorry I don't meant to insult you at festival with my objectionable questions. It
was like I just wanted to let out my misconceptions for love forever. You know what I was betrayed by my ex who always took me for granted no matter how I feel whenever I am alone, what is my choice she always dominate and I shattered the day she called me and said," I can't handle you anymore. It's breakup and final" few days later I found out she was dating someone else. But I was happy atleast I know my flaw .... and then hated the Love Stories that only compel us to fantasize something that is no less than a deal in real world today.... it's you and your answers that get me out of my shattered phase that I actually fought over a mere pani puri...." By the time it was over he was
crying .... tears that nobody can stop .... tears that are bound to free him from his past relations.

                                                "please don't cry I understand. I think my speech was successful atleast it transformed your perspective of seeing Love but I 'll never forget how you teased me in between". Naina smiled back at him and this time she loved his company even more.

                                        " Pani Puri please Ma....dam...." served Raj.
                                        " oh.... yes thank you"
                                         " I want to say something if you say...???"
                                          " ya sure"

                                           " I love you Naina". He actually kissed her cheek this time to create that flavor of love as he continued," The day I saw you eating Pani Puri there. Though it was a mere
coincidence here we met again so...????"
                                              " Well am sorry am already in love with someone" replied Naina in a sad tone though she blushed at his audacity.
                                                " oh... it's alright alteast you're honest enough and a cute heart but my love will never cease to exist". She picked up the pani puri and put it in her mouth . When she's done she winked at him and said," I am in love with this Pani Puri. I hope you're not jealous of your competitor ha...????"
                                                   " Well no not at all I swear"   Both smiled while staring at the bright and beautiful moon as if moon replying," That's a love story in love with Pani Puri". And that was the cutest END ever.
Loved it, liked it or tell me about your cutest Love Story . Do comment. Goodbye till then.... :-)




  1. Pani Puri is love for sure .
    Awesomely written :)
    Some thoughts desreved to be pen down ...n thnkieww for Writing it.

    1. Loved writing every word.... Welcome .... Happy u liked it.... :) :)

  2. I must say that's a cute one. :D But, wasn't Naina too childish at being angry at Raj only because he disagreed her point?
    Great efforts ! Keep it on. :)

    1. Maybe... But think when u're not done still objected .... Thank u.... Next time will make the plot more interesting :) :)