Friday, 30 January 2015

                     An Ambush...

Amid all the chaos in the world - tensions, worries, breakups, job etc... There's only one saviour of the man kind- that's a "Burger".... Yes...!!!! You hear it right. Oh...!!!! Don't laugh at him okay.
           Burger a ruler from the other world named 'Maso' - a generous , kind hearted , reluctant but believe in the theory of expansion had set out in our world from time immemorial. He wants to rule our world but as every person has its competitors so do he. Once , he was discussing a course of policy with his fellow rank people on "How to invade Earth" and all of a sudden coffee stood up to explain how his majesty have already gripped the appetite of people sitting around there ... In their chairs for long and supposed to be working ( and how hungrily ordered his majesty) , coffee gives a giggle about it.

             "You're right coffee... But think we've still to convince those people who either oppose us or restrain us" said proudly the cold drink. Birger stood up and declared with this discourse I can only say that we still have to go a long way to conquer those greedy & hungry world people. With this the court was dispersed.

                 One thing still troubled Burger the most and it is an invasion from the person he hates entirely. Then with an utter darkness accompanied  by thunderstorm appeared - The absolute Don "Pizza" with his attendants 'Maggie' and 'Pasta'. Now, Pizza =Burger , i mean both are powerful enough to bring disaster in our world.

                 "You're mistaken Burger, you can't rule the world"
                  "Well Pizza maybe, but will make sure your existence hardly matters to those tiny creatures on Earth"

                 Pizza and Burger had initiated a war that lasted a decade with no explicit results , just destortion of their taste .... Finally the Ambassadors of both the Estate came up with peace treaty. Burger send Coffee & Cold drink to Pizza where both of them suggested of joining hands to further addict the Earth forever with their power while Pizza send Maggie & Pasta along with French fries to the Burger with an idea of being more crispy , tastier , full of spices & variations so as to fit in every hook and corner of the world.

               A treaty was signed b/w Pizza and Burger ensuring the conditions discussed above and that are possible threat to Earth dwellers as they've increased their consumption & are becoming obsessed with these thereby reducing the lifespan, making them more listless to even think nothing creative than this....

                Comm'n Earthy people Let's pledge not to leave them ( as they're tasty right...??? ) but to counter attack them with more exercise, will power and good diet habits. Pardon me i've to go and grab my Pizza .... Help yourself.... See ya.... :) :)

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